About Me

I was raised in a single parent household by a mother rooted in faith, hard work, and family. She taught me the important power of love and how it can empower people to be their best self. She taught me that beauty starts within and in order to be my best I had to nurture what was inside first. 

As I grew older and became more aware of my inner being, I began to explore what beauty looks like on the outside. Although outer beauty was never my mother's focus, she always looked amazing and I attribute that to her confidence and value of self. 

My mother's love for jewelry has always been clear to me and I never saw her leave the house without being properly accessorized. She had her work jewelry, her fun jewelry, and her after hours jewelry. I would have to attribute my passion and love for accessories to watching her sparkle when she wore hers. 

I have been in retail management for 25 years and understand the importance of customer service and the value that each customer brings to a business. I chose now in my life to pursue this business because we are in a time where women are dealing with a lot of stressors and I want to bring some joy and beauty to their lives, and we all know a good accessory can make any woman smile. 

My accessories are beautiful pieces that stand alone, and my hope is that just by wearing one of my accessories women will feel inspired, empowered and beautiful. I want women to empower themselves through fashion one accessory at a time.

Life is about taking chances and it is the exploration into new things that empower us as women to set new goals and pursue new opportunities. When women feel empowered, they live in a realm of freedom that allows them to navigate through the world without man made boundaries.

My Mission

My Mission is to create a movement uniting and empowering women to take a chance and try something new, a little more edgy. I want women to journey outside of their comfort zone and experiment with fun yet classic accessories. My hope is that exploration will lead women to taking more chances in other aspects of their lives realizing that they are only kept in the box they create for themselves. Women empowerment is at the heart of why I have this store, I know that when we as women feel good about who we are then the sky is limitless for us. When I look in the mirror and like what I see, I feel empowered and I leave the house knowing I can truly "Rule the World."



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